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Fishing Charter Boat for Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Trout & Salmon

FAQ's... Fishing Charter Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Fishing License?

 At the point of turning age 17  you are required  to have a Michigan License.                   See the link below for Rules,  Regulations and more Information.     ​

Licenses are available at stores & gas stations. Click below for locator.,4570,7-350-79119_79146_82448-34869--,00.html 

                   As of March 1, 2018

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has developed an electronic license that allows an individual to display an electronic copy of his or her fishing license using an electronic device.

Online Purchase may be an option but may be difficult on mobile devices in fringe /marginal  reception areas. 

Click button below to try to buy online.

Buy License

What do I need to bring?

          Your Michigan Fishing License, 

                   Appropriate Clothing

 LAYERS, Rain Gear and  Cap or Hat

              in a backpack or duffel bag. 

It may be 60 degrees on shore when we depart Lac La Belle, BUT  with wind blowing over the cold waters of Lake Superior it could be 45 degrees during  our Fishing Charter Trip and 80 when we get back to shore... and that is mid July.

             A Charger for your devices.

POLARIZED Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Motion  Sickness  Remedies... If needed... take a dose just before going to bed and another when you wake up or according to product directions.

                      Food & Drinks 

 A Lunch & Snacks  (especially for  Kids) and  drinks other than water we provide. 

Beverages with Alcohol OK...  but excess  NOT

 tolerated and may result in a shortened trip.

A cooler with ICE left in your vehicle if you plan to take your catch with you. 

Where and When do we meet?

We launch from several ramps on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the early Spring and  late Fall.  Our Main Port for Lake Trout and Salmon is the Lac La Belle Marina which is  the closest access  to Bete Grise  (pnonounced  Bay-DE-Gree)  on Lake Superior.  (See Map and Directions at the bottom of the Homepage)  We will send info, to re-confirm trip details, via text or email.  Please understand that while traveling in the  remote Upper Peninsula and especially the Keweenaw,  Cell service  can go from Full Bars to Zero  and back to Full in a few miles. with some marginal areas for texting. Just because you can see a cell tower does not mean your provider can connect to it's service.

We may be able to direct you to a location of service along your travel route or near your accommodations   We should Text or preferably Speak with You 3 days before and re-connect especially the early evening  before the trip if WEATHER becomes a factor.   We can discuss a possible alternate launch  site and/or area to avoid a cancellation .

What is provided?


Bottled Water.  Everything needed to catch fish...  Lures, Baits, Quality Rods and Reels.

Fish Cleaning available...  and a good time!

May I call for additional Info not listed here ?


Text or Call Capt Ron  (906) 370-4378


      My Associate Capt & First Mate 

Capt Jim LaBeske at (906)370-4433